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How to Search the Catalog

scan ISBN barcode to see if it's available in the library
search bar at top of screen

The search bar can be found at the top of the home screen. Simply tap in the bar and type in your search.

search results in catalog
advanced search filter options

For a more advanced search, tap the magnifying glass icon next to the search bar, and it will bring you to a screen with options to choose a branch-specific search, limit your search to a specific format (books, movies, etc.), and select a field to search (by title, author, etc.). These options will also appear in the search results.

Additionally, you can select “Scan barcode” to search for an item without any typing. When the camera opens, make sure the item’s barcode is within the viewfinder; it will scan the ISBN number, and let you know if we have that item at the Library. You can also find this feature on the last page of the home screen by swiping right until it appears.

To view an item’s summary, call number, and other information, just tap the item in the search results.

How to Place a Hold

catalog item descriptions and place hold button

Search for your item and select it in the search results. The “Place Hold” button will be at the top.

When you tap it, it will bring you to another screen showing the pickup location. The pickup location is Main Library by default, but you can choose from Main Library, South Branch, or 24/7 Hold Lockers as your pickup location.

Once you’ve chosen a location, select “Place Hold” again, and your hold is complete. To manage your holds, see How to Manage Your Account.

"My Account" - view checkouts, holds, fines, linked accounts, preferences, and languages
account highlighted on main screen

How to Manage Your Account

To access your account, tap “My Account” on the home screen, or tap the menu in the top right corner.

Here you can view and access checkouts, holds, fines, linked accounts, preferences, and languages.

view holds, change pickup location, suspend hold, or cancel hold

To view and manage holds:
Go to “My Account,” select “Holds,” and select the item you wish to view. The item will toggle open and show you your pickup location, what position you are in the hold queue, and the hold expiration date. Here you can choose to view the item, change the pickup location, select “Suspend Hold,” or select “Cancel Hold.”

To manage bulk hold actions, you can choose the blue “Select” button, choose an action (Suspend Hold, Resume Hold, Cancel Hold, or Change Pickup Location), choose the item(s), and tap the action button to complete. If you wish to perform a bulk action on all held items, simply select “All Holds,” and choose an action.

To renew an item:
Go to “My Account,” select “Checkouts,” and select the item you wish to view. Select “Renew.”

To renew items in bulk, go to “My Account,” select “Checkouts,” tap the blue “Select” button, tap the item(s) you wish to renew, and choose “Renew Selected.” If you wish to renew all your items, simply select “Renew All.”

barcode highlighted on main screen
digital barcode

How to Use Your Digital Barcode

To access your digital barcode, tap “My Barcode” at the bottom of the home screen, and your digital card will appear. Scan as you would your regular Library card.

How to Manage Your Linked Accounts

view your linked accounts

To access linked accounts, go to “My Account,” select “Linked Accounts,”
and select the account you wish to view. Here you can use and control any accounts you’ve linked the same way as your own account. This is particularly handy if you’d like keep your whole family on one account!

To add an account, go to “Linked Accounts” and select the “Add” button in the top right corner. Enter the borrower number and PIN, and select “Link.”

How to Access eResources

e-library and web resources highlighted on 2nd home screen

eBooks and Audiobooks

This feature allows you to access and download materials from our eMedia resources, OverDrive, Hoopla, and more from the app. You can read eBooks, listen to audiobooks, watch movies, and more.

To access these, swipe right once on the home screen; select “eBooks & audiobooks.” Choose which resources you’d like to access, and if necessary, sign in.

Web Resources

To find web resources in the app, swipe right once on the home screen; select “Web Resources.”

This will take you to the Web Resources login on our website. Enter your barcode and PIN, and select “Submit.”

How to View and Sign Up for Events

events highlighted on screen

To view events, select “Events” on the home screen, and choose a location, or “All Locations.” A list of events you can scroll through will appear.

To view more or sign up, select an event. For events that require registration, select “Registration is open” (or if available, “Join the waiting list”), enter the requested information, and tap “Submit.”

How to View Library Information, Social Media, and Book Lists

Library information:

Library information includes locations/addresses, hours, contact information, and directions/maps.

locations highlighted on main home screen

To view this information, select “Locations” on the the home screen, then select the branch you’d like to view information for.

select main branch, South branch, or 24-7 lockers
main branch information

Social media:

You can access the Library’s social media through our app. This includes Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Goodreads.

find mppl on social media

To view these, swipe right once on the home screen; select “Social.” Tap to choose which media you’d like to view.

list of Library social media

Book lists:

The New and Notable Books lists include NY Times Bestseller lists in adult fiction and nonfiction, young adult fiction, middle grade fiction, and children’s picture books.

select More button to view booklists

To access, select the “more” button underneath the rotating book list at the top of the home screen. Swipe to view more books on each list, and tap a book to view it in the catalog.

new and notable book lists

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